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Oscar Johnson’s ‘52 Weeks’ Crafts a Guide for Seekers, Nonbelievers, and People of Faith

“A must-read for its brilliance, inspiration, and exquisite prose...”

Oscar Johnson’s 52 Weeks describes itself as “a book that presents topics from the Word of God to reflect on,” and that’s an accurate assessment. The book contains Bible passages for contemplation. In contrast to daily meditations, subjects are presented weekly with insights from many biblical authors. Some situations require more intense meditation. However, everyday contemplation may also be achieved through meditation.

Its objective is to assist in a troublesome area of life or to provide information on a certain topic. It can offer motivation and/or direction. It can be used to communicate the gospel with unbelievers or reinforce other Christians’ faith.

52 Weeks is not a theological essay requiring interpretation; rather, it is a book that explains in everyday words how Oscar Johnson interprets the Bible. The book’s goal is to convey the Bible so that readers can understand its significance. Both Christians and nonbelievers will find the book valuable.

It is acknowledged that bad religion exists in the modern world. Oscar Johnson argues that quitting religion is not the solution; his touching accounts of real people who have been injured or turned off by false religion and have found comfort and healing in good religion provide hope that it is not essential to reject Christianity—only to find a religious home that values love and the qualities that make Jesus so appealing: humility, grace, mercy, compassion, and justice.

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About the Author

Oscar Johnson was born into a mixed marriage. His father was African American, and his mother was Japanese. He was raised Buddhist but soon became a ward of the court as his mother was deported. He was put in multiple foster homes before being placed in a Catholic Boy’s Home, and then he was indoctrinated into the Catholic faith.

During the Vietnam War, he met a Christian named Mark Stefano at church services at the same Air Force post. He led him to be born again. At the time, he was a devout Christian, but he abandoned his faith after the war and lived in sin for 40 years.

He became an Orthopedic Physician Assistant. He has degrees in Anatomy, Physician Assistant Studies, Orthopedic Surgery, and Bioethics. His emphasis was on Pain Management.

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