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Oscar Johnson Creative Process for “52 Weeks”

As an avid reader, and the older I grow, the more I like opening a book and letting it take me whatever it wants me to go. Reading religious and spiritual books causes the good seeds within me to sprout; it broadens my perspective like an orchard full of life; it fills my storehouse with ideas, ideals, and new spiritual practices. Reading is frequently the finest party around with enormous stores of pleasure and celebration; it gives an unlimited variety of partners on the spiritual path; and last but not least, it exposes me to new spiritual instructors who elevate my spirit and send me on my way.

As I reconstructed my life, I discovered that the majority of my efforts required a systematic approach. I spent time each day examining the Bible for relevant passages to my issues. I would record these verses and categorize them according to the issues I wished to address. As I applied my thinking to each verse and how it linked to a situation, I realized that this technique could be applied to a vast number of contemporary challenges.

I told myself that I should write one verse every day on a particular subject and give commentary that relates the scripture to the specific issue being addressed. The plan was to cover 52 typical spiritual help-seeking situations each week for 52 weeks. I chose 52 weeks since it represents a year’s worth of problems.

Obviously, more than 52 issues affect humankind, but I thought the 52 weeks would be a suitable starting point. Perhaps I will create a sequel titled “Another 52 Weeks” or “52 More Weeks.”

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About the Author

Oscar Johnson was born into a mixed marriage. His father was African American, and his mother was Japanese. He was raised Buddhist but soon became a ward of the court as his mother was deported. He was placed in multiple foster homes before being placed in a Catholic Boy’s Home, and then he was indoctrinated into the Catholic faith.

During the Vietnam War, he met a Christian named Mark Stefano at church services at the same Air Force post. He led him to be born again. At the time, he was a devout Christian, but he abandoned his faith after the war and lived in sin for 40 years. He became an Orthopedic Physician Assistant. He has degrees in Anatomy, Physician Assistant Studies, Orthopedic Surgery, and Bioethics. His emphasis was on Pain Management.

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