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Oscar Johnson '52 Weeks’ Crafts a Refined a Religion and Spiritual Book

“52 Weeks” is a religious and spiritual book to help troubled individuals or anyone seeking knowledge on a particular subject (forgiveness, faith, happiness, etc.).

Oscar Johnson invites us in 52 Weeks to evaluate and contemplate our inherited views on spirituality and religion so that they’ll be updated, revised, or replaced. It offers a unique perspective on topics that have troubled or infiltrated our lives. These may be driven by Satan or result from living in a society where secular and Christian struggles coexist. No matter what caused the problem, the problem is still there. These unsolved issues might impact our life and our trust in God. During these times, Christians and non-Christians alike should seek God’s help.

Oscar Johnson is skilled at distilling difficult or complex verses. In the process, topics are necessarily oversimplified, and he enumerates the verses and the contemplation behind each verse. It is arranged and structured coherently for easy understanding of readers.

A central concept of the book is that we are pure awareness, creatures of love, pleasure, and serenity in our hearts. Yet, the majority of us are struggling and in agony as a result of unconsciously identifying with our intellect and a false sense of self. Enlightenment is merely restoring knowledge of our real Being and having a profound connection to Being.

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About the Book

52 Weeks is a book that presents topics from the Word of God to reflect on. Unlike daily meditations, topics are presented in a weekly format with perspectives from different authors of the Bible. I believe that there are issues that need more concentrated meditation, though it can be used for daily reflection also.

Its purpose is to help when one is troubled with an area of life or to seek knowledge on a particular subject. It can provide inspiration and/or guidance. It can be used to share the Gospel of Christ with nonbelievers or strengthen the faith of fellow Christians.

52 Weeks is not a theological essay needing interpretation, but it is a book of common language presentation of how I view the Bible. The intention is to present the Bible in a way that everyone can understand its meaning.

As Christian, the Lord gives us all spiritual gifts. Some are called to be ministers; some are skilled at presenting their testimonies to anyone at any time. I believe that my gift is writing. I pray that this book will be beneficial to believers and nonbelievers alike.

About the Author

Oscar Johnson was born into a mixed marriage. His father was African American, and his mother was Japanese. He was raised Buddhist but soon became a ward of the court as his mother was deported. He was placed in multiple foster homes before being placed in a Catholic Boy’s Home, and then he was indoctrinated into the Catholic faith.

During the Vietnam War, he met a Christian named Mark Stefano at church services at the same Air Force post. He led him to be born again. At the time, he was a devout Christian, but he abandoned his faith after the war and lived in sin for 40 years.

He became an Orthopedic Physician Assistant. He has degrees in Anatomy, Physician Assistant Studies, Orthopedic Surgery, and Bioethics. His emphasis was on Pain Management.

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