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Is it worthwhile to devote time to reading spiritual or religious books?

Spirituality is the transformation of the spirit and body of the human being. It is the trait and practice of caring for or understanding the existence and purpose of the human soul. There is nothing incorrect with stating that books are our closest companions. Books provide tremendous information of which you are unaware.

Reading books on spiritual development is the most effective method for enhancing one’s knowledge and improving oneself. The act of reading imparts a new perspective and a whole reimagined version of yourself. And nothing is more faithful than a book.

Some of the ways in which spiritual literature assists us are:

Reading enlightens us.

Nothing could be more valuable or more engaging than reading. When you read something enlightening, you open the door to new information and retain various crucial details that expand your consciousness. Spirituality books provide insight into the purpose of life, and reading tends to broaden one’s horizons.

Eliminate negativity and false beliefs.

We adhere to and implement what we were taught as children. But owing to these texts, we are able to eradicate negativity and embrace the reality of our existence. We become mindful of karma and are well aware of the proverb, “You shall reap what you sow.” One who pursues the spiritual path has no interest in material things. Rather, the love for nature and God’s wondrous creation rises from inside.

Enhance your knowledge.

Reading is the finest source of information. Spiritual novels are often authored by great spiritual followers or those with extensive spiritual expertise. Spiritual adherents are endowed with a wealth of spiritual information, which they use to expand the readers’ understanding. In addition, these spiritual works serve as a conduit between the reader and the Lord, as they also reflect the teachings of the Lord or the Guru.

As the body requires food to survive, so do patients require medicine, and so does the soul. The soul needs nourishment, and reading provides this. Spiritual literature nourishes the spirit and cleanses the human mind. What we feed is the pivot point. Therefore, reading books that promote spiritual awareness and positive development is vital.

Reading brings joy and happiness into your house and alleviates your pain. Additionally, books on religion and spirituality can answer your unresolved questions. Doesn’t this sound terrific? Reading should be your routine. Reading improves your punctuality and encourages you to devote your time to good activities, among other benefits.

“52 Weeks” A Joint Achievement with My Beloved People and God

I dedicate this book and all of my work to my three children, Tsutomu, Jiro, and Aiko. I was not a particularly wise father in terms of including God in their lives at a young age. In truth, religion had no role in our lives. I was a scientist who always argued that science was superior to religion.

Now that I am God’s child, I see how wrong I was. I understand the significance of God in my life and want the same for my children. My children are all professionals who have achieved success in their fields. They have adopted my way of life and are proud of their achievements.

Though I hope they never have the same problems with pride as I had, I know they will face difficulties throughout their lives. I want kids to understand that the Bible has solutions to many of life’s questions. I want my children to know that they can put their confidence in the Lord and that whatever they have done is due to His grace.

Grab a copy of the book now!

About the Author

Oscar Johnson was born into a mixed marriage. His father was African American, and his mother was Japanese. He was raised Buddhist but soon became a ward of the court as his mother was deported. He was placed in multiple foster homes before being placed in a Catholic Boy’s Home, and then he was indoctrinated into the Catholic faith.

During the Vietnam War, he met a Christian named Mark Stefano at church services at the same Air Force post. He led him to be born again. At the time, he was a devout Christian, but he abandoned his faith after the war and lived in sin for 40 years. He became an Orthopedic Physician Assistant. He has degrees in Anatomy, Physician Assistant Studies, Orthopedic Surgery, and Bioethics. His emphasis was on Pain Management.

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