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Conquering Fear; A Message to All the Struggling Writers on Winning Your Reader’s Heart

How exactly do you find your way back to the shore when you are at the pit of the vast and seemingly endless ocean?

A writer's success can be seen by how much their readers patronize their work. As a writer, it is of high importance to know that your readers play a significant role in your career.

They are one of the factors that determine your chances of staying in the industry of writing. A writer without its reader is like a flickering light about to go out, fading into insignificance and eventually swirling into the abyss.

Just like the rest of us, every writer has had their fair share of fears, fear of falling short and fear of not measuring up when it comes to the progress of their career.

That fear stems from the idea that you ought to always be better than your previous self. To be ingenious in every way possible, bringing something new and exciting to the platform in hopes of gaining new shiny followers. However, that is not always the case when you venture into the world of writing.

You have to prepare yourself for a battle. A battle in which you are not going to constantly win over trophies. You will be scarred and left injured because not everything will go according to what you have sketched. There will be times when you feel like you can conquer the world with your words, and there will also be times when you are at a loss of things to speak.

But hey! That’s fine, everyone operates the same way, and you are not alone in the battle. Cheer up and hold your head up high. Feel the weight of your struggle but do not ever think of giving up. Gather up your fears and exasperations, let go of the bottled emotions and free your mind from all the racing negative thoughts circling up your faculties. It’s time you get back on track and recalibrate your ideas. In your quest to reclaim your purpose, you begin to shed some light in a once darkened place.

The work you put in your sheer effort and dedication will pay off and your positivity will radiate through your output, engaging your readers with your words and the passion you give off. You see, your character is tested when you are faced with adversity. What matters at the end of the day is how you defeat the voices inside your head and remain collected despite the turmoil caused by your self-doubts.

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