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4 Effective Ways to Market your Book

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

“Not all marketing people are writers, but all writers must learn to be marketers.”

Joanne Kraft

Marketing is one of the essential factors that contribute to the success of your book. Whether you like it or not, you have to know how to market yourself out there. Marketing comes with writing. When you venture into the literary world, you don’t just write and write to your heart’s content. You should also know how you get yourself to be known out there. Thus, below are some practical ways to spread the word and let the world know you.

Effective Ways for Book Marketing

1. Build A Brand

Let people know about you. There will be no use of your talent and skills if people don’t know you exist. Create a brand to help set yourself apart from the rest.

There is always more to people than what meets the eye. Advertise yourself and generate a compelling brand that will make you distinct and unique. Wherein people will be able to know your background, your life story, and what other works you have published, because best belief, some audiences will be just as interested in looking into your life when they deem that your work is captivating.

In this way, you can draw an audience and potential buyers into taking a peek at what you have in store.

2. Set Up your Website

Your website should reflect the image you are portraying.

When you search for something on the internet and click on a particular website, what are the things that usually make you stay on the website longer, and what makes you do otherwise? Your answer to this will contribute to setting up your website.

Design it to best represent the figure you are going for while also taking into account what appeals to your audience.

Less is better.

Do not overdo it; rather, keep the design simple. Include only the necessary tabs where your prospective clients and audience will get to know pieces of you and, at the same time, know where they can reach you.

It should include at least some or most of the following:

- Your Biography

- A portrait of yourself

- Other published works and the links on where to avail them

- Contact information

- Links to your social media accounts

Create interesting content.

Publish thought-provoking content, something that will attract more audience and potential clients to be more interested in you. Engage them in a discussion and let them know their thoughts matter.

3. Study your Audience

Have a clear understanding of your audience. What hooks your viewer's interest? What topics fascinate them? By knowing these, you get to have a better idea of how you can set up your approach and the tone of your message accordingly.

4. Create a Good Book Cover

Yes, you ought not to judge a book by its cover. However, this idea should not cause you to design your book just to have a cover and then sell it out there. When your career is still starting, and you are yet to build your brand, your book cover should be as inviting as the story you are selling.

Publicizing your book helps generate a wider audience and greater scope of influence. It is essential to note that good and effective marketing makes your work visible to the world of literature. It can also land you a significant deal depending on your stroke of luck. Remember, marketing aims to reach the right people and engage them in availing of what you have in store for them.

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