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About The Book

52 Weeks is a book that presents topics from the Word
of God to reflect on. Unlike daily meditations, topics are presented in a weekly format with perspectives from different authors of the Bible. I believe that there are issues that need more concentrated meditation, though it can be used for daily reflection also.

Its purpose is to help when one is troubled with an area of life or to seek knowledge on a particular subject. It can provide inspiration or give guidance. It can be used to share the Gospel of Christ with nonbelievers or strengthen the faith of fellow Christians.

52 Weeks is not a theological essay needing interpretation, but it is a book of common language presentation of how I view the Bible. The intention is to present the Bible in a way that any intellectual level will understand the meaning.

As Christian, the Lord gives us all spiritual gifts. Some are called to be ministers; some are skilled to present their testimonies to anyone at any time. I believe that my gift is in writing. I pray that this book will be pertinent to believers and nonbelievers alike.

Upcoming Books

In this text, the message from God is studied in-depth. Each commandment is more than it appears. Even those who know the commandments will appreciate the opportunity to meditate on the deeper meanings presented.

Is the biblical account the only account? Are the Ten (10) Commandments different for Protestants and Catholics? How many Americans can recite the 10 Commandments? Are the commandments pertinent in modern society?

These questions and others are addressed in these pages. Reading this text will give a new appreciation of God’s 10 Commandments.


The Mount Sinai Text
The Mount Sinai Text Temp.png

There is a tremendous amount of wisdom available in the Bible for those seeking its knowledge. Whether in a story, parable, or analysis of a theme, the Bible is an enjoyable text.

Let Me Tell You A Story offers themes and stories presented in 500 words or less. The intent is to “get to the point” before one loses interest. Topics include Creation, Original Sin, Daniel’s dream interpretations, and Solomon’s wisdom. Iconic figures include Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Noah, King David, King Solomon, Jesus, and the Apostles. Hopefully, this will generate interest to inspire one to dig deeper into the subject.

Let Me Tell You A Story
Let Me Tell You A Story Temp.png
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